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Here's what's on the horizon!
  • Logging for plugin stdout
  • Request and response body handling
  • Language support
    • Python SDK
    • Go (Tinygo) SDK
    • AssemblyScript SDK
  • Run Bulwark in other configurations:
    • As its own stand-alone reverse proxy
    • As an Nginx module
    • As an Apache module
  • Built-in ruleset integration testing capability
  • Metrics & distributed tracing
    • OpenTelemetry support
    • Prometheus metrics support
    • StatsD support
    • Built-in per-plugin metrics
    • Allow plugins to emit custom metrics with a permission grant
    • Calculate the degree-of-disagreement between plugins
  • Custom restrict responses, default and per-endpoint
  • Sign injected header values
  • Plugin access to the file-system behind a permission grant
  • Client geo-location support, possibly via delegation to a plugin
  • Subscribe to an external configuration management API
  • Plugin changes deployable in "audit mode"
    • Log the delta between deployed configuration and proposed configuration