Bulwark Docs
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This is a beta test.

Before covering the topic of installation, it's important to mention that this is a beta test. Bulwark is not currently recommended for production use-cases.

Cargo Install

To install Bulwark, you will need the Rust toolchain installed first. We generally recommend installing it via rustup. Then Bulwark can be installed via cargo:
cargo install bulwark-cli

GitHub Releases

Precompiled CLI binaries may also be downloaded from the project's GitHub releases.


Currently, no official project docker images are being published. Official docker images will be released once Bulwark publishes a version 1.0.0.


Before building Bulwark, the WebAssembly WASI target is required to be installed.
rustup target add wasm32-wasi
It is otherwise a standard build process.
cargo build --release
The bulwark-cli binary will be in the target/release directory. Additionally, it is possible to install the bulwark-cli binary from the repository's root directory instead of from the published crate:
cargo install --path .